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Idea shared by Montague WebWorks - 12/21/2021 at 12:51 PM
Hello. During the past couple days I've been dealing with an email delivery issue that would have taken far less time were I able to see the "big picture" in terms of an email's lifespan as it arrives and works its way through the SmarterMail system.

I would like to suggest the following as a Feature Request:

Have a new search feature on Troubleshooting > View Logs: Search All.

I envision it working like this:

In addition to being able to do a Delivery or SMTP log search, a new text field is available, called "Search All", where we could paste in a session ID, ie; "[98470306]".

The system will then look through all logs for "all related traffic" for that ID, sort them chronologically, and display them with title breaks indicating which logs follow.
Things that would need to be done by ST:

1. All logs would need to use the same email session ID. You'll note that SMTP may have an ID of [33621213] while Spam and Delivery will have an ID of [98472351] for the same email.

2. All additional anti-spam software that is licensed through SM would need to have their logs included, ie; Clam, Cyren, Message Sniffer (and have all administered through the admin interface, too, but that's another request), and be instructed to use the same email session ID. Absolutely everything that touches or interrogates an incoming email should have logs that can be cumulatively added to the search.

This would be an absolute BOON to email delivery tech support. It would be extremely helpful to be able to enter in an email session ID and have a bird's eye view of that email's entire trip through the system, including the IMAP or POP logs and Content Filtering rules proving the email was actually physically delivered, and to what folder if it was filtered. If the email was deleted by a spam custom rule, the rule will be exposed. No hunting and pecking around, or dropping to the file system to search log files there.
Thanks for your consideration.
Mik MullerMontague WebWorks

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Hey Mik, 

Thanks for your suggestion! SmarterMail offers a TON of logging, and it's one of the great features that sets us apart from other mail servers. A "search all" option sounds like it would be really useful. My only two concerns: 1.) Not all of our logs reference each other and I imagine there would be a lot of logging to update if we needed them to follow the same IDs, references, etc. Therefore, I can see how wires may get crossed. 2.) Because there are so many logs (and ones that can get pretty large), I would worry about the impact of this search on the server's resources. 

That said, I'll certainly escalate a request up to the product management team to get their feedback! 

Thanks for your feedback, and enjoy happy holidays! 
Hi Andrea, yes, I agree. I figure if an admin does a search for the email address in question first then enters in the ID, Sm could discover the time of that entry and shoot down through all subsequent logs to maybe one minute earlier in each log looking for that ID. And, yes, getting the IDs to match in each log will be an issue, but one I hope ST can solve.
Mik MullerMontague WebWorks

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