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Problem reported by Glen Harvy - 11/20/2021 at 6:06 PM
I am trying to access and use the SmarterTrack API from within a webforms asp.net application. Specifically reporting on application errors thrown and caught in the global Application_Error event. I have created a separate assembly that has the webservice code automatically created by referencing the API Service and use PingService and other API methods. These methods all work fine when accessed via winforms projects however when I try to access this assembly from my webforms project, the SmarterTrack API forcibly closes/refuses the connection as it fails the handshake.

Unfortunately, SmarterTrack Support don't provide support for custom code so I am asking here if anyone has any suggestions.

Assuming the code contained within my dll assembly cannot be utilized with a webforms project, I have tried to create a HttpClient method to achieve my desired result. Here is it's output:

There are a few issues:
  • The authUsername, authPassword, dataUsername are all blank but it still returns OK. Adding these fields makes no difference to the result/response.
  • <IsAvailable> always returns false however using the correct authUsername etc with my winforms dll code returns True.
If you would like to check the VS2019 project you can download it from VS2019 Project here.

I'm open to suggestions as to how to get this working :-)

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Glen Harvy Replied
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TLS was not enabled.

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