How to setup an email notification when specified text found in log?
Question asked by JohnC - 11/20/2021 at 8:52 AM
My Smartermail is installed on a godaddy vps. And all outgoing email goes through godaddy's SMTP relay servers.

I have an alias setup that simply forwards any mail to it out to a gmail address.

For some reason, godaddy's relays started blocking the forwarded (outgoing) emails of my alias.

It took a full day to realize this, so a lot of our incoming email was lost because since the "bounce" occurred "within" smartermail when it tried to relay out the email coming into the alias address, the bounce message was absorbed by smartermail because at that point smartermail was the "sender" so smartermail received the bounced message and not sent to the original sender.

So, is there a way to setup a email notification so that if godaddy's smtp servers ever block the alias's forwarding emails again, we will get this email notice right away?

I'm hoping I could simply setup the notification so when it sees a particular string of text in the smartmail system log (the bounce message when trying to send out the alias email), it will send me an email alert.

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