Urgent Problem: IMAP Retrieval Filling Wrong Disk
Problem reported by Jay Dubb - 10/29/2021 at 4:55 PM
Server has a C: and an E:.  C: is 100 GB  and E:  is 8 TB.

Smartermail is set up on C:.  New customer account is configured on E:.

Their users are doing a Migration using IMAP protocol.  But instead of filling up the E: drive with all the inbound messages, C: is filling up rapidly.  C:\Smartermail\ImapRetrieval folder is the one growing as fast as the network can fill it.

We checked and double-checked to verify this customer should be on E:

Any ideas WHY and how this can be fixed?  

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echoDreamz Replied
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You can change the POP/IMAP retrieval directories under SM General Settings.

Yes, the user is on E: for their SM data store, but SmarterMail has dedicated directories for POP/IMAP retrieval which also includes migrations as the temporary storage path for these files.

Jay Dubb Replied
Thank you.

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