Content filter matching unintended TLD
Question asked by Millennium Systems - 10/20/2021 at 3:06 PM
Not sure if this is a bug or a misinterpretation on our end of how Content Filters would match conditions.

The client set up an 'ANY condition' rule with wild cards.
- Type: From Address
- Field: Specific Addresses
- Comparison: Matches
- From: *.co *.icu *.info etc...

The *.co ends up matching and blocking any .com email address. On one hand I can somewhat see how this would match, on the other hand the entry isn't *.co* so it is reasonable to expect it not to match .com addresses. So there is no way to block .co addresses?

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In the FROM, Are you putting : *.co *.icu *.info  
on a single line ?
Or are you saaying those are 3 separate filters you are setting up ?

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Millennium Systems Replied
The FROM has multiple TLD entries, one per line as required.

Since content filters cascade I suppose you could first set up a bypass rule for .com, and subsequent rule to block .co after the above rule has already processed.

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