Tickets process speed would be very slow when the maintaining thread started.
Problem reported by Michael Luciuk - 9/10/2021 at 10:02 AM
Not sure if this should be put as a problem or a propose idea.
I found when some maintaining threads, like Auto-Purge Deleted Items Thread , Cleaner Thread or Indexing Thread, etc.,   started, the speed of processing tickets will be slow down. At low traffic time, this is not a big deal. However, when they start at rush hour, it will give the system huge impact, thousands of tickets will be accumulated in Spool. 
I hope there is a feature that user can set the time when these threads can be started, for example, at night.

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Artur Rzasa Replied
Just experienced this recently, although we've had this before, where the Purge Deleted Items thread runs and it brings SmarterTrack to a grinding halt.
The last time it ran it was just after our office opening hours, so staff are trying to read and answer tickets, the system is trying to purge old tickets and neither was being very effective.

We ended up stopping the purge thread, which in itself took a while to actually happen. ST100.0.8367.13833

If that process could just use the existing Business Hours settings that exist in settings already, and NOT run when it IS in business hours.

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