Can I set a per-Domain retention policy in SmarterMail message archive function?
Idea shared by Gabriele Maoret - SERSIS - 9/6/2021 at 7:49 AM
I'd like to start using "Message Archive" as a service for my customers.

Is therer a per-Domain setting to tell SmarterMail how long the messages are retained? Like 1 month, 1 year or so?

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I don't think archive retention is currently a configuration option. It would be great to have though. Right now you'd have to write a little script to delete archive files older than X days and run t with task scheduler.
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Tony Scholz Replied
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Correct, Currently "Archived messages" is an Enterprise option that is either enabled or disabled. 

Message archiving is a method of storing all email traffic for a domain -- either incoming messages, outgoing messages or both -- in a separate location on the mail server. Typically, this is a feature used for companies that need mail servers in compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 or other regulatory compliance.

By default, SmarterMail does not archive any messages. To specify which domains on the SmarterMail are archived, the system administrator will need to create archiving rules. Note: If the system administrator wants to allow individual domain administrators to search their domain's message archive then individual rules need to be set up for each domain. Setting the message archiving rules to "all domains" means only the system admin will be able to access message archive and search for messages on the mail server.

When archiving is set up, messages are automatically archived as soon as they hit the spool and before they are handled by any spam and/or content filters. This means that all messages are archived, not simply those that are delivered to a user's mailbox. (The exception to this rule is messages rejected due to SMTP Blocking. If a message is rejected due SMTP Spam blocking, it will never hit the spool and, therefore, will not be archived.) On a nightly basis, SmarterMail zips up archived messages and stores them to conserve disk space on the mail server. However, zipped messages are still searchable.

When adding this option you can either do all or/and per domain. The All option is only for System admins while the domain option will allow domain admins to see the archives as well. 

To create a new archiving rule, click on the New button. When adding or editing a message archive rule, the following settings will be available:

Domain - The domain on the SmarterMail server to be archived.
Archive Path - The directory on the hard drive in which archived messages are saved.
Rule - Set the direction of the messages you want added to the Archive. The following Rules are available:
Save All Messages
Save Inbound Messages
Save Outbound Messages
For the retention policy part, you would currently need to set up a Scheduled Task to go through and clean out the older items. Here is an example I found online ( you can use any method you are comfortable with ) 

I hope this helps to clear up what is currently available. We currently have a task in place to review our "Archived Message" system for improvements. 

Thank you
Tony Scholz
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Is there any news on that?

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