Using Letsencrypt.org for Authentication
Question asked by Michael Luer - 8/3/2021 at 5:35 PM
Has anyone ever done this using a UC version of the certificate where you put all the names you want to bind to a single IP address and have it work with letsencrypt.org.   I have done it in the past with other vendors but not sure if this works with letsencrypt.org ?

I created a base cert and then exported it with adding a password.  I tried to use it an it say invalid cert.  I will try again but I would love to use this as I use this with all the web domains hosted. 


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Michael Luer Replied
I got it working. Now I wonder will it auto renew like the domains do ?
Kyle Kerst Replied
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Hello Michael! We do support Lets Encrypt and have an outlined process which handles renewal and export of the certificates:

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