SMS for 2FA
Idea shared by echoDreamz - 7/27/2021 at 4:00 PM
Under Consideration
We have a had quite a few customers make a stink over this... Would it be possible to add SMS capabilities for sending 2FA codes with certain providers, like Twillio, RingCentral etc.

I myself wouldnt use it and dont like SMS for this, but we've had enough customers complaining about not having this where it warrants a feature request.

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Andrew Barker Replied
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I can see the utility of this feature for some users, so I have created a ticket to submit it for consideration.
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Would be even better if SM had some plugin-type support for stuff like this, so those of us with programming experience could write our own 2FA plugins. Give us an interface we need to implement and send us on our way :)
We have also had a request for this
We need this functionality now for 2022.

SmarterTools actually had this advertised on their website as being a new feature for SmarterMail, then they removed the text. Yup, I saw it guys!

Let's get SMS integration coded fellas.

Thank you,
100% need this. Make it a plugin type system too please SmarterTools. Give us an interface to write a .net library against and let your Community programmers go to work for you and create plugins to share :)
Up-voting because we've had the same request (SMS).  If or when it becomes reality, keep expectations moderate.  SMS, while usually punctual, does have its share of delays, and texts that disappear into a black hole.  

Our network alert system sounds a local alarm, plus sends an email, plus sends a text to the on-call cellphone carried by whoever is on first-response duty that week.  More often than I'd like to see, the local alarm sounds and the email arrives, but the SMS doesn't arrive until 10 or 20 minutes later.  Sometimes never.  (cell carrier is AT&T)  The alarm and email are enough-- SMS is just an extra layer-- but it's disappointing nonetheless.
That is interesting Jay. We use PRTG to send SMS alerts our RingCentral account to our devices (Verizon) and we've never experienced delays, we receive the alerts within seconds of PRTG notifying the RC API.
+1 This is a good idea
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The SMS integration needs to be fully functional with these providers. Let's make it happen!

Zach Sylvester Replied
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Thank you all for posting. 
This feature is still under consideration. 
Implementing Twilio for example wouldn't be too hard using the API. 
You could use the Twillo python API and the get message API call for SmarterMail then just use a while loop to check the inbox every 20 seconds or so. Then if it gets the message it can trigger a function to send using Twilio's API. I understand that it's not an easy integration, however, it's just an idea for now while this is still under consideration. 

Best Regards, 

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Ideally would like to enable an SMS gateway per domain, not the entire server. So this way we can turn it on for specific customers. This way we can pass the costs of the text messages onto the customer. 

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