SMS for 2FA
Idea shared by echoDreamz - 7/27/2021 at 4:00 PM
Under Consideration
We have a had quite a few customers make a stink over this... Would it be possible to add SMS capabilities for sending 2FA codes with certain providers, like Twillio, RingCentral etc.

I myself wouldnt use it and dont like SMS for this, but we've had enough customers complaining about not having this where it warrants a feature request.

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Andrew Barker Replied
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I can see the utility of this feature for some users, so I have created a ticket to submit it for consideration.

Andrew Barker
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SmarterTools Inc.
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Would be even better if SM had some plugin-type support for stuff like this, so those of us with programming experience could write our own 2FA plugins. Give us an interface we need to implement and send us on our way :)
We have also had a request for this

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