After Upgrade License to Enterprise, Team Workspace feature still not displayed.
Question asked by Sabto Prabowo - 7/8/2021 at 7:22 PM
Hi Smartermail Team

I have a question, I want to activate Team Workspace feature and I already upgrade my License from SM Professional to Enterprise.

But somehow the Team Workspace feature still not displayed on each user. Please see this screen:
https :// ibb.co/fpWX3M7

May i know, is there any way to enable this feature? I have googled, searched, but still cant find the answer

Thank you

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echoDreamz Replied
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Is it enabled for the domain? Login as an SM admin, check the domain to see if it is enabled.
Sabto Prabowo Replied
I see  thanks @echoDreamz...

Now team workspace is enabled and the icon is displayed.

Thanks a lot
echoDreamz Replied
You are most welcome!

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