Run Content Filter was removed
Question asked by Ionel Aurelian Rau - 7/2/2021 at 6:27 AM

Our users started asking questions where the Run Content Filter button is and I just noticed this entry in the changelogs:
Removed: "Run Content Filters" button and context menu option from user content filters page.
Why was this button/function removed? Some users found it useful. Will it come back?
I`m just asking so I can also inform our users as well.

Thank you,

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It was useful, why you removed it?
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Hello all, 

Sorry for the confusion! The "Run Content Filter" feature is not completely removed. We simply relocated it to the Email section. When you right-click on a folder, you'll find a Run Content Filter option, as seen below. This change was done for two reasons: 

#1. The ability to run multiple content filters at a time can be too taxing on the server, as there are many variables that must be considered and resources that must be used while those filters run. 

#2. Having the Run Content Filter in the Email section is more convenient for day-to-day use and mirrors common email clients. It allows you to manage the filters where you spend most of your time, without navigating to the Settings section to manage your email folders. 

I hope this helps to clarify things! 
Ionel Aurelian Rau Replied
Thank you Andrea for the explanation - it`s good news that it was not completely removed!
Sébastien Riccio Replied
Hello SmarterTools,

Following this change, we have different customers complaining that this is a degradation of the "run content filter" function they were used to.

It looks that they cannot run anymore multiple content filters at once and they are quite unhappy about it.

What are the possibilities to bring back this behavior ?

More globally, there are quite some time changes in SmarterMail interface like for example removing functions, changing their behavior, that are included in updates we apply for other reasons (mainly bugfixes).

Can we please know how do you decide it is a good idea to do these kind of changes, when they are planned.
Is that based on user/customer requests ?

Can it maybe be first discussed via a community poll that explain such planned changes with the reasons so it can trigger a discussion about the pros and cons and maybe submit ideas ?

That would be nice. I remember there were sometimes such changes that occured and that were rolled back after because of too much complaints on here.

Thanks a lot for your comments.
Sébastien Riccio System & Network Admin https://swisscenter.com

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