Migrate Smartermail users to MS365 (office 365)
Question asked by Helpdesk ICT - 6/18/2021 at 1:32 AM

I need to find a way to migrate the mailbox from approx 150 users from smartermail to MS365. any assistance would me really appreciated.  

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Heimir Eidskrem Replied
If you need something to sync imap then you can use:

I used it to move from smartermail to hosted exchange.

Paul Blank Replied
Once you get past the learning curve, BitTitan is very good for this. Let's you simulate migrations and do multiple migrations for a given user. When you're ready to cut over, you do a final migration. About $10 per mailbox. Their support is via email; support is good, response time is OK, not always fast. - - Uncompensated endorsement, YMMV, as usual. 

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