Content Filters - check outgoing SMTP, too?
Idea shared by Montague WebWorks - 5/26/2021 at 8:26 AM
I use Thunderbird, SM's web interface, as well as my iPad and iPhone to read and send emails, and noticed that I have three sent folders: Sent, Sent Messages, Sent Items. As such, it's difficult to really get a handle on a thread with my customers.

Back when I was using Eudora, and then Thunderbird only (no smart phone, no smarter web interface) I was able to create a Mail Rule / Mail Filter that would not only route incoming emails to a specific folder based on the headers, but also have the rule run when SENDING email. This is enormously helpful, and allowed me to keep all correspondence from major clients in their own folders, both in and out mail. I spent a lot of time trimming and weeding my filters so I would always be able to find my emails.

Lately, and I'm not sure when it happened, Thunderbird has become less reliable in terms of getting emails when they actually come in. When I know I'm in a back-and-forth "session" of emails with a client, I now always go to the webmail because I know that the second the email hits my server I'll get a notification and can respond. BUT, the emails I send not only don't get filtered to the folder I want, they also wind up in a different Sent folder than Thunderbird uses.

[Side note: can the industry PLEASE agree on a single folder name for sent emails? I mean, come on!]

So, here's the ask: Can ST add SMTP out checking to Content Filters? You already check SMTP for incoming emails. Can you also check SMTP when sending from validated users, regardless of device? This way my outgoing emails will get routed properly whether I'm in webmail, TB or my Apple devices.

Life will be better.

This will be a game-changer for some people. They'll be able to remove client-side filters and set them all up in webmail instead. They also won't need to leave their client apps up and running for mail to get filtered.

Lastly, please add the ability to import filters from various client apps, such as TB, Outlook, and other popular client apps. Also, an optional compact view of the filters would be nice, as I have several dozen right now and the scrolling gets a little old.

Mik MullerMontague WebWorks

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We've noticed the same issue with Thunderbird taking extra time to update when new messages arrive or you move them to a folder.

Likely due to an IMAP change with SmarterMail v17 (or whatever you call it) because it's still syncs quickly on v15.
That seems about right. I still have folders I created in webmail since v17 was released that don't appear in TB. I've already deleted that account in TB and recreated it, and the folder still doesn't appear. I notice that if I click on another folder, then back to the inbox, sometimes the new emails appear. Also, moving emails from the inbox to another folder manually sometimes doesn't work.

This may be more a TB issue than SM (although the timing is curious), as emails appear pretty quickly on my Apple devices, and moving emails from folder to folder, even account to account, seems to work fine there.
Mik MullerMontague WebWorks

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