Why doesn't ST stagger support staff's working days?
Question asked by Ben - 5/21/2021 at 5:25 AM
I get the whole "it's nice to have a 4 day working week" - but for a company that provides critical server software, shouldn't you at least stagger your staff's working days so some are available Mon-Thu and some Tue-Fri?

You release an update at the end of day on a Thursday, then if it has an issues - we all need to wait 3 days until they can be resolved!

Most businesses aren't on a 4 day working week, so if a problem occurs on a Friday, it needs to be fixed asap.

I just did a big client move yesterday (POP to MAPI) and finding all sorts of issues that didn't crop up when I was doing my dry run testing, I put in some tickets now and just found out about the being closed on Friday :(

I know there is a $299 emergency ticket - but it doesn't say if that will be refunded if it turns out to be a SmarterMail bug rather than admin error. I would email to ask, but ..... 

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Ron Raley Replied
The emergency ticket is based on the time initiated.  It is non-refundable and has no weight on the outcome of the issue.  We don't upgrade on Thursdays anymore.

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