Build 7793 (May 3, 2021) of SmarterMail and issue with "Delete All in Folder" and Microsoft Edge browser on mobile phone
Problem reported by Stefan Mössner - 5/3/2021 at 10:20 PM
Hi All,

from the release notes of the newest release of SmarterMail: "Changed: Moved the "Delete All in Folder" option from message list context menu to email folder list context menu."

Regarding the move of the feature "Delete All in Folder" I have an issue: With the webmail on a desktop PC or notebook everything is fine. But when using a mobile phone the feature still resists in the message list context menu and doesn't work.

And with the new release of SmarterMail on the mobile phone using Microsoft Edge browser there's no login page any more. I only see a blank white page. With Google Chrome the login page appears.

Kind Regards.

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Stefan, can you confirm that you are seeing the white page on an Android device?  I was able to replicate against my Samsung device but was not able to duplicate it on an iPhone device.

I was also able to replicate the issue of "Delete All in Folder" NOT working on the iPhone mobile device.

I have added both of these tasks to our bugs list.
Tim Uzzanti Replied
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Robert tested previous versions of SmarterMail with the same results so it looks like an Edge update might be the culprit and we test some previous Edge versions to see when this occured.  In the meantime, we will add to our bug lists and see if we can work around whatever Edge is doing.
Tim Uzzanti
SmarterTools Inc.
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Stefan Mössner Replied
Regarding login page: Robert, I can confirm the behavior on Android devices. Tim, with the previous release of SmarterMail I didn't have this issue. I didn't test it on Apple mobile devices.

Regarding "Delete All in Folder" NOT working: I see this on my Android devices using Google Chrome. With the previous release I used this feature regularly and it worked. I'm using Edge browser on my Android devices as standard. The last update of Edge browser on Android is a while ago. But there was a WebKit update for Android a few days ago which is known for some issues.
Stefan Mössner Replied
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Hi all,

with the newest release, Build 7803 (May 13, 2021), the issues are now fixed. Thank you.

Have a nice weekend.

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