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Question asked by jordan Car - 5/1/2021 at 9:11 AM
Is there a way to have new user email addresses automatically create users in the system? Would be really helpful to have the tickets group to the email account.

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Hi Jordan,

Whether or not someone who submitted a ticket is listed as a registered user, their tickets should still be grouped by their email address. You can see this when you click on the email address in the header of the preview pane. A pop up should open with tabs for tickets, chats, call logs that have all been created under that email address. Within the user details window you should see a button to "Create Account" for any unregistered users. This will open a new pop up to add the user's details and create the account for them. You can also use the API to create new users in SmarterTrack.

Michael Replied
Maybe we have a similar issue.
Most our users open tickets by email. ie. email support@domain.com and their message comes in. They're not a "Registered user." They just emailed our helpdesk.

We can click their email address and see all their submitted tickets, just as the above points out... but... our problem is that when we go to email an outbound ticket, we'd like their address to auto populate in the TO box.

It seems TO only auto populates from Registered Users?
It'd be nice if a setting could allow it to auto populate addresses from ANY ticket in the system.

Is this possible?

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