What is the best way to migrate an email account from cPanel to SmarterMail Enterprise Build 7475
Question asked by Pete Downes - 3/18/2021 at 3:12 PM
Hi Community

I have set up a new SmarterMail account for my client and wish to import their existing email on his device into it including Inbox, sub directories, Sent items etc.

The client can supply an export from Mac Mail (an Mbox file) which I can convert to IMAP using a tool called BitRecover MBOX Converter Wizard.

I can copy then upload that file up to the SmarterMail account on the server.

Does this seem like a reasonable way to do this job or am I making hard work of a simple task?

And once I have uploaded the emails to the server do I need to delete the account on the client's Mac and set up a new account or just change the account's mail server settings?

I'd like to avoid duplicate 'unread' copies of email being created in the existing email account on his Mac etc.
 Thanks for your help.

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Kyle Kerst Replied
Employee Post
Hello and good afternoon! This is an excellent question and I'd be happy to provide some guidance. The best way to migrate data from an existing CPanel server is likely using Settings>Connectivity>Mailbox Migration as this will allow you to leverage IMAP to sync the entirety of the account mail data into the new user's account in SmarterMail. 

If you need an automated unattended solution I recommend checking out IMAPSync/IMAPCopy. These utilities allow you to essentially script an IMAP migration between the old and new server for all accounts simultaneously. 

Alternatively downloading the email data into an email client, then uploading it to the new SmarterMail account should also suffice. I hope this helps!
Kyle Kerst
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echoDreamz Replied
We've never had any good luck with the SM migration tools. Though, I will admit, we have not used it in v17. We always use imapsync and it works beautifully!
Pete Downes Replied
Thanks both for your advice

I'm just running the  Settings>Connectivity>Mailbox Migration and so far so good.

What should expect with regards to now delaing with the client's local devices - MAc and phone?

Should I anticipate simply changing the account mail server settings? 

Or may that result in all the emails downloading again and duplicating?
In which case I should back up and delete the account and start with a fresh account.

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