Can users access the quaratine folder like some mail services provide?
Question asked by Patrick Mattson - 3/11/2021 at 6:50 PM
I am moving a customer from an Exchange host. One interesting service I see they get, they get a daily email of emails blocked, not sure if they are blocked because of Spam, AV caught, or both. I would like allow my customers to maybe get a list of emails that went to junk. This thought came to mind because Google's servers are always getting on Blacklists causing a lot of Gmail based emails are getting flagged as Spam. Customer complain because they do not want to go to the web agent and review a Junk folder, I am not whitelisting all Gmail server IPs.

The customer gets an email with the title: Daily Quarantined Message Report

They get an option to release or view the email. Maybe this would be done with some third party service.

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Ron Raley Replied

This feature is an admission that your mail server spam protection solution is unreliable. Not to mention another item for the user to check.
Patrick Mattson Replied
Ron would you be willing to share you secret recipe for keeping spam filtering reliable? I see a lot of different opinions on what settings to use. I have been trying everything.

Overall I drop a lot of true spam, I only average about 18k messages a day on my server, so my server is probably small compare to a lot of other servers.

I agree with Patrick...
Heimir Eidskrem Replied
We send all spam to junkmail and auto clean the junk mail folder.
If they need something they can find it there.  Your junk folder is available if you setup the emails as IMAP.  We dont have many using POP anymore, not sure why anyone would use POP today.

Virus is another story. Allowing uneducated customers to fish out emails caught as a virus makes little sense since I believe they simply can't resist opening them.

Ron Raley Replied
The addition of this feature actually means an email message could end up in 3 places instead of 2.

Junk Mail

We have very few issues with false positives. But our team has a mxtoolbox subscription and we watch our RBLs daily, reducing or adding points as needed.

What SmarterMail needs is a Cloud Brain, Mark as Spam buttons, and let all their deployments work together to make a scoring decision.

This would allow all SmarterMail deployments to receive intel from billions of messages globally versus thousands locally.

Google and Microsoft have this advantage.

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