Contact notes do not sync over MAPI to Outlook 2016 when the account is large
Problem reported by Michael - 3/2/2021 at 4:53 PM
Anyone else seeing this?

The contacts sync, but the contact notes do not.

I've opened a ticket and the issue has been replicated, but I'm surprised no one else has run into it. It's been a roadblock for us to roll out MAPI since many of our users 1) have large accounts and 2) use contact notes extensively.

If there are other users out there with the issue maybe that can help the developers find the root case and seek a solid repair.

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Tim Uzzanti Replied
Employee Post

It would helpful if you could provide us an account to test with in your ticket.  The issue is related is something specific to your data and we need to trace every byte going to and from SmarterMail and Outlook to understand the issue.  There is no widespread issue with MAPI and each of the issues are specific use cases requiring deep analysis. 
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Michael Replied
Tim Uzzanti  I'm glad the issue is not widespread. Kyle had explained it seems to be an edge case specific to larger accounts with large amounts of contacts and contact notes within.

The problem is that the account in question has a large amount of confidential data. I realize the importance of being able to debug a live production account that is experiencing the issue, but I wish there were a way to pull logs or otherwise that wouldn't reveal or transfer so much content from a live account.

Kyle had noted in our ticket that 1) he was able to replicate the issue in the sense that he had made a large test account with many contacts and many notes and they also didn't sync to Outlook and 2) he has on file one other customer ticket who was able to provide you test data of a similar circumstance.

So despite this issue being an edge case, it's good we have at least two samples above.

I recognize it's more powerful to have more customer stories and data. I'll message Kyle back to see if we can think of a creative way to get you connected to the account somehow without disclosing the private data within. Certainly we want to help if there is a way to do so without compromising data.

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