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Idea shared by Jaime - 2/26/2021 at 1:54 PM
I am suggesting to define a default reminder time in calendars, different than "5 minutes" (either per domain or per user)?

Also,   way to define a default appointment time when creating one (either per domain or per user)? Currently when clicking in the calendar to create an appointment, it selects one full hour and it would be nice to select 30 min by default.

Anyone agrees so we can try to have these included in a future SM release?


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Anyone else agrees or supports these Calendar suggested features for Smartermail?
I am for copying the functionality of emClient as that seems to be the absolute most compatible program with SmarterMail (that I've found). It allows setting the default duration and reminder time. I would think having those two at a minimum would be good. Additionally, I would love to see the category, email notification, conference room, availability, and private appointment as user definable options. This way you can have the defaults in. 

Although attendees, time zone, all day appointment, location, and recurrence could be added as defaults I don't see them being good as they can change often.

I have customers ditching Outlook now due to security concerns. They are just using webmail.  Good!

One if these users has already mentioned that the reminder system needs some fine tuning.


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