Messages not retrieved from Google Account via POP
Problem reported by Dray R - 2/18/2021 at 12:29 PM
Relative novice to smartermail (technically speaking). I'm using the latest build.
Just this week noticed that smartermail abruptly stopped pulling mail from my google account email.  Tried retrieving manually, however still does not work.
Any help with troubleshooting would be valuable.

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Jade D Replied
Latest 3 builds is riddled with bugs, POP retrieval just stops importing without any error.

I've logged a ticket with ST support but nothing came of it.

Try restarting the smartermail service daily as a work around.
Dray R Replied
I tried that, to no avail.  Like you mentioned, I see nothing in logs.
Can you note the steps you use while restarting?  Do you restart the pop retrieval job as admin, as well as service in IIS?

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