Ref. SM19. How is anyone suppose to search the logs efficiently?
Question asked by Lee Ryan - 2/4/2021 at 3:29 PM
I searched EAS logs for a single day, using email address as search term. Asked for all related lines. SM returned 20+ millions (yes with a "M") lines of logs!

SM didn't pull logs just for this user, but for all EAS users. Its impossible to search for any kind of results. For the amount of money we pay for the product and support, you'd think after all these years, ST would have a better method to search logs.

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Webio Replied
IMHO you just downloaded this log right? It looks like Download button at least for EAS is just zipping and downloading whole log.

Search form as far as I can see is working correctly and it shows keyword related data (there is no way that textbox in webmail can show 20+ milions of lines of logs) so have you reported this as a bug to SmarterTools?

Have you tried to use SmarterMail Log Parser from here:

Lee Ryan Replied
Thanks for the suggestion regarding the Log Parser. But it looks like it doesn't support the latest versions of SM.

Still looking for a solution.

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