Server error in "/" Application- new (deeper) solution
Problem reported by Clayton Vernon - 2/1/2021 at 5:11 AM

I'm a "free" user of 15.x, using IIS 7.5.

I had the dreaded "Server error in '/' Application" error when I tried to refresh my instance to .NET 4.5, etc. 

My asp.net was registered both 32- and 64-bit ("-i"). This has "solved" for most. Not here.

The "NetworkService" Identity was correct for the SmarterMail app pool.

The problem was, "IUSR" did not have write access to c:\windows\temp. Added, and solved.

I spent days figuring this out. I hope this helps someone one day. I would like to give something back since the product is excellent and as mentioned I am a "free" user.

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