Outlook 2016 emoji encoding issue
Problem reported by Tim Ernstes - 12/29/2020 at 1:19 PM
When a user keys in an emoji in Outlook, i.e. :-)  it auto-corrects it to an emoji icon. When the email is sent, the emoji is not encoded properly and it also messes with other character encoding in the email like the apostrophe.

It looks like Microsoft has changed how Outlook processes emojis. 

See a link that describes in detail the change 

In the attached file, the left side is viewing the email (from the archive in Firefox) as HTML (what the user would see in outlook). The right side is viewing the raw content. 

Anyone else experiencing this?

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Kyle Kerst Replied
Employee Post
Hello Tim, and thanks for getting this posted. While I've not yet tested this personally (plan on doing so in the morning when I get back to the office) I did find recently that the Emojis will fail to encode or display properly unless the user's encoding settings are configured for UTF-8/Unicode, and it looks like Emojis require those encoding types to work as expected. Can you try checking the encoding settings in Outlook and within the user's account and let us know what you find out? Thanks Tim!
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Tim Ernstes Replied
I tried that, the user's encoding is set to UTF-8 on both the sender and recipient.

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