Question asked by Heimir Eidskrem - 12/16/2020 at 10:20 AM
Is the current MAPI version a full implementation thats comparable to Exchange MAPI?
I know the Microsoft Remote connection analyzer does not work since its missing a part.

The reason for the question is that we are trying to use a Salesforce plug in with Smartermail MAPI and its not working.  We do not know if its due to its Smartermail MAPI or due to other issue.

Does anyone knows if it does work with the Salesforce plug in for Outlook?  

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Michael Replied
Good question I was wondering similar. There are calendar and room booking tools that integrate with Microsoft Exchange. I was wondering if they'd work with smarter mail's MAPI implementation also. 
I can say that SM MAPI doesn't support the "OLD" MAPI protocol, but only the "new" MAPI over HTTP protocol.

This is also the reason behind it support only Outlook v16 and newer.

However, I don't know all the details
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