Calendar sharing for other domain
Problem reported by Hans Tschirren - 11/25/2020 at 5:56 AM
We have customers with 2 companies
The users of company 1 want to have access to the calendar of company 2

Both domains are on the same Smartermail server.

How can this be configured?
Thanks for the help.

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Seph Parshall Replied
I've asked about this. It is not supported at this time.
Employee Replied
Employee Post
Hans, if company 1 only wants read-only access to company 2's calendars, you can enable the "Allow others to subscribe to this calendar" on the calendar and provide the company 1 users with the link. They can then subscribe to that calendar.  As @Seph pointed out, there is no way currently to have full control cross-domain.

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