Windows Server 2019 Corruption
Problem reported by Manuel Martins - 11/25/2020 at 4:27 AM
We are experiecing a very, very strange fenomenen, when some users are configuring their mail accounts using MAPI, after outlook start sincronizing on their PC's the Windows Server servicing Smartermail gets Corrupted, some folders and files disappear from Drive C: and Windows gets completely unstable, the Smartermail services go down and we need to format the Server to get things right again!

We don't know what is causing the issue but its causing us a lot of trouble and downtime. 

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Jade D Replied
I dont think its smartermail thats causing the issue.

Have you checked the Windows security logs, application logs etc to see what is going on on that server?
Jade https://absolutehosting.co.za
Manuel Martins Replied
Hi Jade,

Thanks for your reply.

I don't want to believe that is it Smartmail causing this problem but we made several atempts, when we connect a specific email account by MAPI on Outlook 2019 the Server Crashes, it happens at exactly the same time when we open Outlook for the first time after configuring MAPI, the Server gets unstable...
Unfortunaly we can't check the Logs because pratically nothing works on the server after the problem, folders and files missing on Windows, User, Program Files, etc... MMC not working... The only way to get it back online its to format with a fresh install.

We are going to continue to make some tests...
echoDreamz Replied
We are running Server 2019 with SM 17 using MAPI across quite a few mailboxes and are not experiencing any issues.
Nathan Replied
Sounds unlikely to be SM as the cause but makes me wonder whether you have an underlying AV or Indexing issue on the server which SM happens to trigger?

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