Spam filter weights for domain admins
Question asked by Matthew Titley - 11/11/2020 at 11:00 PM
I don't know if this is by design or if I have a problem after my upgrade from 15.x but domain admins cannot tinker with spam weights even after granting that permission. A domain admin can override and change the action to be taken on low, medium, or high spam, but they cannot change the weights. This is limited to system admins only. Should this be the correct behavior on 7611?


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From Build 6985:

  • Removed: In domain Spam Filtering, domain admins can no longer modify (or see) individual weights for any spam checks. If a domain admin has previously modified the spam check weights for their domain, performing an upgrade to this version will revert that domain to using the system-level spam check weights. You may wish to inform domain admins of this change and advise them them to monitor their email and adjust their domain's spam filter actions accordingly.
  • Removed: In domain Spam Filtering, domain admins can see the system-level weights for Low, Medium and High Probability and can adjust the actions but can no longer adjust the filter weights. If a domain admin has previously overridden the filter weights, note that these weights will not be reverted to the system-level configuration after upgrading. To force a domain's spam filtering weights to reflect the system-level config, toggle the Domain Settings > Spam Filtering > 'Override' setting off and on
Matthew Titley Replied
Thanks, Robert. Honestly, I have no intention of debating the value of the change but removing that kind of "granularity" for domain admins or for any particular domain seems counter intuitive. Can you shed a little light on how this is better? Just curious.


Ron Raley Replied
I believe that 99 percent of domain admins have no idea how or why to adjust spam check weights.

Also they have no way to view false positives.


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