modifying users to forward emails to a different domain
Question asked by Steven Haskell - 10/8/2020 at 7:56 AM
We are currently using SmarterMail Enterprise Edition Version 15.7.6970. My situation is this. For various reasons we have users in (let's say a default domain). Due to the complexity of our setup we only use SM for receiving emails. the issue is that some of the users within the default domain decide that they need their own domain, which is a good thing, so I create the domain within SM (all dns records are created to reflect the new domain). I want to be able to forward their emails from the old domain to the new domain. Steps I take, I create csv files and convert/import their email addresses to reflect the new addresses within the new domains. Currently I have to log into the old domain, search for the account, select forwarding, paste the new email address, select delete messages when forwarded. 
Needless to say this is a very time consuming and meticulous task that I feel can be done by modifying the old address by an import into the old domain. Is this even possible? Currently I import to the new domain with Username, Email address (as DisplayName) and password. is there a way to setup a csv file to modify the old addresses to forward to the new address and delete the message when forwarded? I have tried creating a csv file with a test account but it fails. if there is a way to do this PLEASE for the sake of humanity advise me of the proper procedure.
Thank you all in advance
signed: desperate need of automation

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Hi Steven,

You may want to take a look at our knowledge base article, Move a User Account From One SmarterMail Domain to Another.  This gives instructions for moving the user data to the new domain.
Steven Haskell Replied
Sorry Emily that's not what I am trying to accomplish. I need to retain the old user name in the old domain so that the client/end user doesn't lose any emails that may have been sent to the old address. Basically I want to automate/modify the old user account forwarding through an import process on the old domain to the new. ie forward joe@olddomain.com to joe@newdomain.com and delete the message when forwarded so that it doesn't stay on the old domain. I have tried creating csv files with forward to and delete message as headers in the file but when I go to do the import there are no options to line up the headers during the import process. I just want to automate forwarding from the old to the new via an import process on the old domain.

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