Content filtering not deleting emails that have attachments with a specific extension
Problem reported by Ben Kiser - 9/14/2020 at 5:12 PM
I've created a content filter rule where the condition is "Condition Type: Attachments", "Field: Specific extension", "Comparison: Matches", and put "doc" at the specific extension, then set the Action to "Delete Message", but I'm still receiving emails with "doc" attachments. What am I doing wrong?

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Jason Wilhelm Replied
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 I think you want to use .doc with the leading period. There is also an extension block built into the system under DOMAIN > GENERAL > ATTACHMENTS. We actually have blocking setup in both as we were doing it in content blocking before it was baked in.

 FYI we have an extensive setup of blocks for anyone interested.
Ben Kiser Replied
I tried it both with and without the '.' and still wouldn't block them in Content Filtering.  Ended up doing the same thing and adding it to the Incoming Extension Blacklist.  Thank you for the list.

Ben Kiser

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