How to disable News for Everyone and Registered Users roles??
Question asked by Fred Hung - 8/28/2020 at 5:57 AM
SmarterTrack Version: 100.0.7524 

There is no longer an option in the "Everyone" or "Registered" or "Registered User with verified email" roles to disable the "News" option from appearing in the top navigation. This seems to only be possible with Agent, Manager, and Administrator roles. But, it appears that it CAN be done, based on the fact that it is not appearing on this site.... 

What is the prescribed method to disable the News feature for "Everyone" or "Registered" or "Registered User with verified email" roles


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Ronald Raley Replied
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Try Settings > Brands > "Brand X" > Permissions

View News Requires...

Fred Hung Replied
Doh!  I was sooooo close...
Thank you!

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