Cyren vs Message Sniffer
Problem reported by Matthew Titley - 8/21/2020 at 6:28 AM
Quick post. For the past seven or eight years we've been using Cyren/Commtouch for a "premium" spam filtering add-in. It used to work great but I've noticed (and my customers too) that over time more and more spam was getting through that was so obviously spam, porn spam specifically, that a few customers were getting fed up and ready to jump ship. So, upon my annual renewal I switched to Message Sniffer and the difference has been profound. It does a substantially better job and blocking and identifying spam and spear phish type email. Can't be happier. I just don't know what happened with Cyren as it used to work very well.

So, although this is posted as a "problem" it's really just a very brief review and testimonial for Message Sniffer.

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Ron Raley Replied
We have been using both of these add-ins for many years on our solution.  You don't have to choose one or the other.  Thanks for the feedback.

echoDreamz Replied
We found Cyren to be nearly as useful as running nothing. Sniffer is better, but still meh, at least in our environment.

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