Advanced Search option not working
Problem reported by Roeland Buisman - 8/17/2020 at 9:38 AM
In smartertrack when I want to use the advanced search option. I never get any result. For example when i fill in a search term very specific: "3hfggDfshnvf" or whatever, I just get the same result (I think all emails in general) as when I fill in a term like "the" 

This problem is both in Chrome and Edge.

I hope someone knows how to solve it. Thanks!            

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Ron Raley Replied
Searching for "3hfggDfshnvf" returned 50 results in our SmarterTrack solution.

I can confirm that something isn't right with it.  Advanced searching "Everywhere" for various random keywords return falsified results.

SmarterMail Advanced Search doesn't seem to have this issue.

Tahir Replied
We have noticed similar problem after applying the latest SmarterTrack version. The behavior of advanced search is very abnormal sometime it list few emails but most of time it returns no result.
Taylor Smith Replied
Same here - the Advanced Search function has not been working.

I have to click "Search" and then enter a query and filter accordingly, resetting the query every time. 

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