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Idea shared by Jason Earle - 8/17/2020 at 8:33 AM
Is there any way to add custom variables in Autoresponder? I would like to setup autoresponder for our new domain and have everyone's message state their old email address and their new.

Jason Earle

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Custom variables do not appear to work in Autoresponders.

However, you can create an Event.

Event Category: Email
Event Type: Message Received
Conditions: None
Action: Send an email
To Address: #fromaddress# 

Now you are free to use SmarterMail variables in an autoresponder-like scenario.

Custom variables would be very helpful.
There are posts asking for this that date back to 2015...

As one of your oldest customers, I would also be very happy about this simple feature. It would allow us to make the responders more professional:

Thank you for your message from #date# with the subject #subject#. This could really be programmed in an hour, couldn't it?

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