Autoresponder including subject
Idea shared by John Gurhy - 1/6/2015 at 5:14 AM
Under Consideration
It is possible to have an option for Autoresponder to include sender's subject.
Something like; Out of Office; RE <Subject>
As are having issues where users log a ticket via our helpdesk using email and have set their Autoresponder
1. One of our agents replies to the ticket
2. Autoresponder replies to the ticket helpdesk
3. Helpdesk system opens a new ticket as the email subject it does not contain a reference to the ticket number which it uses to associate the email to the ticket.

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Unfortunately using variable #subject# not working, any idea on solving this?
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Hello.  I'll add this to our feature request list for a future version.
This is a great idea and it seems quite standard on other mail systems for which we receive inbound messages from.

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