Folder Auto-Clean and perennial 'Deleted Items' feature
Idea shared by Nathan - 8/9/2020 at 8:14 AM
We have folder auto-clean rules for 'Deleted Items' that removes items that are older than 7 days as users are never capable of emptying it. This works fantastically well for email from today but for old emails, i.e. greater than 7 days, it immediately deletes. 

'Deleted Items' should be treated as a special case with the folder auto-clean rule and apply the rule X days after the item is moved to the folder.

This has been requested many times over the years by various posters, now is the time for it to be implemented!

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Yes! It's been on the list since 2014 and has 22 votes, one of the highest-rated ideas:

Thanks, Nathan, for reminding us and hopefully it will make the list for 2020 implementation.
+1 Yes, this would makes much more sense to use the date it was moved to delete folder, instead of the received date.

Some of our customers already reported they lost mails because they "accidently" moved an entire folder to the Delete items and got their mails older than X days purged right away.

Sébastien Riccio System & Network Admin https://swisscenter.com
We delete Junk E-mail after 90 days.  We do not delete Deleted Items for the purposes stated in this thread.

Suppose this functionality is implemented soon.

I wonder how many GIGABYTES of data would be cleared up from our machine.

It is great to see this thread has now the "planned" status :)) Thanks
Sébastien Riccio System & Network Admin https://swisscenter.com
I just wanted to find this kind of topics here. I see that other people are also requesting this. Today I had customer which was telling that he did not do anything (obviously right?) but he had some issues with internet connection and all of his messages disappeared. We found them in deleted items (but sadly not all of them because they where deleted - we have a backup but still this is using our support time). It would be no problem if deleted items mechanism would count X days from placing message inside deleted items instead of using delivery date.

I've made a suggestion in older topic which would make this at least for some of situations solved:

Maybe some work around for this problem in current versions would be allowing to set as mail server admin how often auto clean should be performed or maybe during what day and hour? So I would set it to sunday about 6AM or something similar.

This would allow customers and also us as a service providers to recover deleted messages before auto clean process.
I see this got switched to "Planned" which is good to hear.

Hoping you can post a timeline. This year, next year?  Thanks.
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Hello all, 

I realized this thread was not updated, and I wanted to do so now. In Build 7685 (Jan 15, 2021), we addressed this functionality:
  • Added: A new default option and action for Folder Auto-clean to delete email based on "Time in Folder".
  • Changed: In Folder Auto-clean rules, the rule named "Age" was renamed to "Message Date", though its action remains the same.
  • Changed: On upgrade, existing Folder Auto-clean rules that use "Age" will be changed to "Time in Folder" and use the server upgrade date as the start date.
When a user creates an auto-clean rule, they'll now have the following options:

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