Domain shared resources - please add named address book option
Idea shared by Urs - 7/29/2020 at 11:54 PM
My customers demand for global address books with custom names to store external partners.
While each user can create a shared address book, those are automatically named and user has to share.
So like central Shared Resource - Domain Calender and Conference Rooms please add Addressbook option with custom Naming possibility.

thank you very much

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This feature would also be very helpful to our customers. Currently it is solved in a way that a user creates an address book and then shares it. However, with this work-around, his or her username will always be displayed when someone integrates the address book.

A clean solution for shared address books, as it is possible with calendars, would be very desirable.

Thank you for considering
I agree with Urs and Sandro.  This option works very nicely in enterprise, medium business and small business.  I would definitely recommend considering giving SM the availability. 


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