Was this article helpful?
Question asked by Steven Chenery - 7/16/2020 at 4:31 PM
On the right hand side of Knowledge Based Articles there is a question "Was this article helpful?".

We are seeing that some articles are being flagged as 100% helpful and others are being flagged as 0% helpful.

We are trying to understand this function in ST better and what options are available to track and report these instances to improve articles. 

Unfortunately we are not finding the SmarterTools KBA or the online help on the subject very helpful.... as searching for this value (Was this article helpful?) does not come up with any KBAs that are relevant. we have also searched on "Article Rating", "helpful" etc

We are assuming atm that although the feature is there for users to rate the KBA it really has not been tied into a good back end management functionality/reporting/events that exposes this well and in a useful state to take advantage of the user ratings so you can be proactive in improve the kba system. 

Does any one have any experience with this feature and what can be done with it to help notify, identify and report on KBAs that are being rated low/high with the objective to review, gain feedback from users as to why and improve the KBA's.


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