GUI Enhancement Request
Idea shared by Hootan Roosta - 7/16/2020 at 10:06 AM
e-mail screen
Please put multiple buttons for the e-mail "reply" , "Replay to All" and "Forward" . Currently we have to keep clicking a drop down and then click Replay to All or forward. 

Contacts & Notes & Calendar
Please make the Notes section a lot widr and taller or allow us to increase it inline. Right now we get this little dinky box that's hard to see aything in it. We use those Notes everywhere extensively.

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+1 good suggestions!

Also suggest sliding these buttons over to the right so they are more convenient above the preview pane.

And let's add a "Junk" button (like Thunderbird and other email programs have) to move the message to the Junk Email folder:

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