DKIM does not work
Problem reported by Morris - 7/2/2020 at 7:42 PM
Hi, we encounter a problem.

DKIM is correctly configured. And DNS test on webmail is successful. But all outgoing mail are still not signed with DKIM. Mails are showing DKIM failded on Gmail and other providers.

We upgraded to SmarterMail Professional Edition Version 15.7.6970, but the issue still exists. It's very critical.

Hope to get support. Thanks.

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Douglas Foster Replied
Urgent issues should be handled with Support tickets.

I have been using DKIM signing in SM for a long time, and it works for me.

You may need to check your DNS entry to see if the scope ID is correct or if something else is wrong.
Signature keys over 1024 bits require a multi-segment DNS entry to handle the whole key.   This is more secure but may be trickier to implement correctly 

You can check DKIM at this site.   You send a message to a special address, then they display the analysis.

The main reason for enabling DKIM is to enable DMARC policy.   You should use DMARC in test mode (p=none) until this type of testing is complete.   If Google is blocking you and you do not have a DMARC enforcement policy, then you are probably being blocked for another reason. is a great tool for monitoring your domain and IP reputation.   Basic accounts are free.

Morris Replied

Thanks for your reply.

Actually, we successfully configured hundreds of mail domains on SM for our clients in the past years. We've set all necessary records, MX, SPF, DMARC, DKIM and rDNS. We tested some online tools, including mxtoolbox. This is the only case we meet in years that DKIM does not work. It's so strange.

That's why we seek answers here.

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