.eml Extension Files
Question asked by Vahn Babigian - 7/2/2020 at 3:36 PM
We get emails with .eml attachments. I believe these are Outlook emails being sent to us. Should Smartermail Webmail be able to read these? We currently have to download them and use Thunderbird or Outlook Express to view the messages. Being able to stay within Smartermail Webmail would be nice. People who don't use webmail but use Thunderbird or Outlook POP don't have a problem reading these files.

Here is the exact procedure the sender used. "In my main Outlook window, I right clicked on the email from my reading pane and clicked “Copy”.  Then I opened a new message and pasted it into the body of the email.  The message automatically becomes an attachment to my email." We get this alot from Outlook users. 


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