Question asked by kevind - 6/26/2020 at 11:32 AM
Now that MAPI is done, just wondering what's on the agenda for 17.1.

Yes I know version numbers are done, but didn't know how to ask the question otherwise. :)

Also checking to see if this is working as no posts today...

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Ron Raley Replied
1. Easy E-mail Encryption.
2. More User Interface Options.
3. Mailing List Reports.
4. Allow users to see which spam checks failed.
5. Make top icons colorful.
6. Explain DMARC better in Mailing List interface.
7. Deploy additional themes beyond Dark/Light.
8. Bring back the preview pane.
9. Schedule your e-mail message to send later.
10. Compact view with 3X more e-mails on screen.
11. Show who's online in Interface to support chat.
12. Allow domain admins to view their connections/activity/spool live.
13. View all log data from a spool message.
14. Throttling based on domain being sent to.
15. Install SmarterMail on Linux.
16. Canned replies from webmail.
17. Include domain/user in IDS blocks view where applicable.
18. Double click IDS block to view summary.
19. Check all domains for MX record established and pointed to server.
20. Red Delete Button consistency throughout.
21. Show user who their domain administrator is.
22. Customize e-mail error code messages.

That is all I could think of for now.  Thanks!


Sébastien Riccio Replied
Nice list Ronald,

I would add:
23. Option to discard/reject a mail sent to a mailing list if it's detected as SPAM (actually it's scanned but it's still delivered, so the scan is useless)
24. Mark as spam button optional action (for exemple send the mail to a specific mailbox for learning, or execute a custom script
25. Centralized IDS logs with the possibility to enable detailled logs to better understand why some IPs get blacklisted

Sébastien Riccio
System & Network Admin

Netmate Replied
26. Two-factor authentication (2FA) for system administrator accounts.
echoDreamz Replied
27. Disallow non-authenticated SMTP sessions on SMTP ports (unless the IP is whitelisted)
28. IP whitelisting for webmail and other protocols. Numerous customers have asked for the ability to only allow logins to accounts from specific IP addresses.
John Marx Replied
29. Reading pane turn off functionality so we stop losing customers
30. Grouping emails as waiting to this version was what we were told a year ago
Netmate Replied
31. Whitelisting based on 'hostname' and/or 'PTR record'.

For e.g: To only accept messages from the SpamExperts filtering servers, one need to allow emails based on hostname "delivery.antispamcloud.com". This hostname contains all active delivery IP addresses. Alternatively, one can allow traffic from any IP address with the PTR record *.antispamcloud.com
Karl Jones Replied
32.    Ability to view attachment before sending an email to make sure the right attachment was added to the email.
Sérgio Rocha Replied
33 - Better reporting like we had on v15
Adam Replied
34 - A more fluid re-designed or "refreshed" web interface.

The current interface is good, but its now years old, and the popups are so annoying - this is an older style of web designing (but could be an option if you really want a new window which I also do want sometimes - it has its purpose, but popups for every calendar entry, every new message is annoying for me). Bascially a bit of modern love in an already great interface - a hybrid between Exchange and Gmail.

SmarterTools - how about the ability for you to create something/somewhere we can all properly vote on these features? Such as UserVoice
echoDreamz Replied
Agreed, these forum upvote ticks dont really seem to do anything... Something like uservoice would I think be better suited.
Netmate Replied
Are the SM folks reading these suggestions and taking notes, or are we just wasting our time?
Sébastien Riccio Replied
That's a good question Netmate. They are very reactive on some other topics, but on this one not even an acknowledgement that they heard us.
I tried to ask about it in a support ticket (about another issue... but well it was worth a try) and the question got ignored aswell.

Sébastien Riccio
System & Network Admin

Matt Petty Replied
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I'd probably break some of these up into their own threads, and maybe not all at once otherwise they could be missed.
Especially some of the bigger ones like Encryption and a thread detailing interface stuff that combines the ideas of "More User Interface Options "+"Make top icons colorful." + "Deploy additional themes beyond Dark/Light. "

However, throwing ideas on a massive heap that's over 30 entries long, it's gonna be a bit daunting to even start to engage with some of these ideas on a single thread. I like some of these ideas like encryption, but having its own thread would allow us to discuss different encryption types and even types of signing on emails, for example rather than "Easy Email Encryption".
Alternative theming could be useful, adding a "HighVis" or some accessibility color options would be nice.
13 is nice too, I believe we have something like that on a list already. Consolidating all the delivery information for a message into one place easy to view. Combining info that would normally be shotgunned into different logs like SMTP, Spam Checking, Delivery, etc.
11 the XMPP chat/top right chat window should already be showing you the availability of the users on your domain, does this not work for you?
Matt Petty
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SmarterTools Inc.
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Thu Nguyen Replied
Interesting expected list :)
Ron Raley Replied
11. My criticism with the chat feature in SmarterMail is that few users actually click the icon to actually see "who's online."  Popup statuses like "John is online" may entice more of our users to chat.

Alternatively, list the number of users online in the icon :)

Thank you for responding!  Much appreciated.
kevind Replied
Great feedback! Lots of good ideas and suggestions.

Many of them already have separate threads. For example, #5 colorful icons:

Suggest using this forum and starting with the items that have the most votes...

Maybe SmarterTools can publish a roadmap of what's on the agenda for the rest of 2020 so we can plan for the future.


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