Why do images in tickets not show inline with the message
Question asked by Dan Johnson - 6/24/2020 at 6:28 PM
In the releases from last year through to the latest smarter track build 7422 when viewing ticket messages we don't see images inline, instead they show as below. 


However when the popup reply window was open we would see them and they are included in reply emails. 

It would be super handy if these showed the actual images inline. Can anyone advise if we have something configured wrong or what we can do to show these?

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Tim Uzzanti Replied
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Dan, this was a feature we added before we included inline images as attachments of the overall reply and ticket. Because of this, we are going to remove the references from the text reply and will be in the next build.  In addition to inline images being attachments they still exist in the HTML reply which can be viewed via the "Show HTML".

The next question people ask is why we don't show the HTML versions of replies in the ticket conversation.  It is absolutely critical to show as much of a ticket conversation as possible so we strip absolutely everything we can to show the actual content while providing the ability to see replies in their original view (HTML / Images etc).  

Hope this helps,
Tim Uzzanti CEO SmarterTools Inc. (877) 357-6278 www.smartertools.com
Dan Johnson Replied
Thanks for the explanation. I was not aware of the HTML view, so that is handy. I understand your view on the text reply.

Please consider the needs of customers like us, who have support tickets frequently consisting of multiple back and forth messages containing multiple screen grabs each. Customers type text into the message and they include images.

I believe that you are understanding the role of the inline image attachments from a technical standpoint and as auxiliary to the content. They are essential components of the message, which is why the customer puts them there and why we include them in our replies. If you remove the reference to them, it means we won't even be aware the customer included them so we won't go to open the HTML view. All tickets show with image attachments because customers have multiple images as part of their signature, so there are always attachments. 

If you don't include them in the message content you're putting us at a disadvantage. Customers are using those frequently. Your own software makes it easy to include them. It does not make sense to me that these are not viewed as first class. From a user's perspective, text or html is irrelevant - they are formats. The message content is what is important.

Thank you for your consideration. Surely we are not the only customers with this viewpoint. 

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