Email Forwarding not working
Problem reported by pgkdave - 6/10/2020 at 8:24 PM
My Webhost is using SmarterMail Professional Edition  Version 14.5.5871 for my Email Service.  I am trying to set up an account with auto forwarding to 5 email accounts.  I have watched and read several videos and web advice about setting up forwarding on Smartermail and they tell you to separate each email with a comma.  Each time I do that and save my changes, it changes the , to a ;.  I have tried sending several email to the smartermail email address and the email is received but the emails are not sent to the forwarding addresses.   Please advise what I can do to get the forwarding to work!

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Gabriele Maoret - SERSIS Replied
first I want to clarify a thing...

It's your Hosting Provider that use SM 14 to provide mail features to you?
Or are you using SM 14 in a VPS managed by yourself?
pgkdave Replied
It is on a VPS managed by me on a Mochahost Windows Cloud Server. Yu
Gabriele Maoret - SERSIS Replied
So it's on your own support...

I'm afraid, but I think that you must upgrade to a more recent version of SM, because I think SM v14 isn't supported anymore...

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