MAPI - Choosing attendees for an event within Outlook
Problem reported by Nathan - 6/6/2020 at 7:01 AM
Just upgraded from the last production release to the new release with MAPI support. In general everything seems to be working, including the ability to connect to an enabled mailbox using MAPI.

Using Outlook 365, if I try to create an appointment and select an attendee the 'Select Attendee and Resources: Global Address List' dialogue opens but a 'The connection to Microsoft Exchange is aunavailable. Outlook must be online or connection to complete this action' warning pops up. Outlook reports 'Connected to: Microsoft Exchange' and I can open emails, etc.

I have attempted from two different Windows 10 / Outlook 365 based machines.

Is the GAL functionality implemented as part of the MAPI support or is it a bug?

On that note, does anyone know how complete the MAPI support is? For example, I saw earlier posts that suggest MAPI is only supported when Outlook runs  in cached mode.

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Larry Duran Replied
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Hello Nathan, the GAL functionality is implemented with MAPI.  I'm able to create a new appointment and add attendee's using the same method.  Can you go ahead and open a support ticket so we can get more information from you so we can fix this bug.  Thanks!

MAPI does not currently run in the non-cached mode version.  It's something we have planned to look into in the future.  
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