IP Blacklist detection when using 3rd party Filtering
Question asked by Joel - 6/3/2020 at 6:46 PM
Hi Guys

We are using mailcleaner as our frontline defense against spam which than forwards/pushes the mail to smartermail. (ver 16.2.6442)

say the sender IP is and is blacklisted at some RBL but not all and say mailcleaner didnt check that particular RBL

Now mailcleaner has an IP of say, when smartermail get's the mail it is seeing as the sender and of course the will be clean 100% as it doesnt send email emails out to the world so smartermail says SPAM check is all good..

How can we check the IP via the smartermail RBL checks instead of ?
pls note we are using smartermail. ver 16.2.6442.

thanks in advance

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Matt Petty Replied
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This is functionality that the IP Bypass list gives you. When an IP is on the spam IP Bypass list the next IP in-the-chain, using the received line, is checked instead of the immediately incoming IP. This allows for checks like SPF/DKIM/RBL's to check your true sender (the one sending to your gateway). However, I have not used version 16 in a while so my memory might be a bit foggy on if we've made fixes or changes to that area. If this solution does not work for you post back and we can figure something out. 
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Joel Replied
Thanks Matt, I have made the change and will monitor to see if it works

will report back in a few days time.

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