Autodiscover with only one hostname
Problem reported by Luis Martins - 5/5/2020 at 3:50 AM
We deploy our Smartermail server with only one hostname ex: and configure hosted domains with that hostname in domain options. Therefore I checked autodiscover setings in each domain and xml refers to desire hostname Then I create required DNS records autodiscover to point to in each hosted domain. With Microsoft connectivity tool it fails many checks and pass TCP SRV test, but Outlook 2019 fails autodiscover. I try Mozilla Thunderbird and fails autodiscover too. Then inside Smartermail IIS site I configure *:443(https) and bindings, inside default IIS site I configure *:80(http) binding and a redirect to Now Microsoft connectivity tool passes HTTP redirect test but Outlook 2019 continue fail and Mozilla Thunderbird sucess autodiscover.

I found that Google uses and in SSL as servers to their hosted client domains like

Anyone can help deploy autodiscover for Outlook 2019?

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