Does someone had any reports from your customers that their POP accounts does not sync on their Android phones?
Question asked by Webio - 4/22/2020 at 10:34 PM

I'm wondering if someone is also experiencing this issue. I had reports from multiple clients (not much - about 7-10 - and I thought this is related to NTLM but it looks it is not) that their Android phones are not syncing messages over POP. They can connect, they can send emails (using SMTP from the same device) but no new messages are appearing in their apps (GMail app with connected POP account and Samsung email app).

I've performed test on my Samsung phone with GMail app and interesting thing happened. Last message which is being shown in app is from 25.06.2013. I have totally no idea why this date is set as last but it is about 600 messages from the end of mailbox messages.

Current version: 7415


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echoDreamz Replied
We’ve had this on and off for months. We just moved those complaining to IMAP. 
Webio Replied
I can't go this way. I image that this would be a support nightmare where I would have to force not IT people over the phone or support tickets to remove their POP accounts from their devices and force them to configure IMAP accounts
Douglas Foster Replied
I cannot imagine why anyone wants to do POP if IMAP is an option.   POP only syncs one folder, the Inbox.   Keep in mind that if they find your problem, it will be fixed in an upcoming Beta release of the MAPI-enabled product, not in the non-MAPI production versions.   So it may be time to bite the bullet.

If you configure Autodiscover correctly, it should help with the reconfiguration.
Webio Replied
You know. It's up to client to choose what he wants to use. If he has possibility then this possibility should work as expected. I'm on latest (almost) production beta because it contains fixes which was needed by me when I was still on stable version.

I've already sent a ticket for this issue but I was interested if someone else is also experiencing this issue.
Sébastien Riccio Replied
We encourage our customers to use IMAP but we still have POP users. The problem to ask people to change from POP to IMAP is that as they probably did not enabled  "leave messages on the server".
Depending on their mail client that would probably means switching to IMAP means losing all their mails and that would be a support nightmare.

As for the POP issue on the beta, we don't use it in production environnement yet, so we have not enough POP real daily usage testing on the beta with POP...

Kind regards

EDIT: Also there are usage case where POP is required. For example we use SmarterTrack that pull support tickets with... POP (no IMAP option as far as I know).
If it starts missing tickets when we update SmarterMail, that will be a problem.

Sébastien Riccio System & Network Admin https://swisscenter.com
echoDreamz Replied
We are trying to push users away from POP, we had a disastrous many many months with POP that upset many users. So the ones having issues, we pushed them to IMAP or EWS with another eMail client (for desktop users).

Errors with the NTLM stuff, the fun "message does not exist on server" issue and numerous other issues. We do have a good handful of users who do not use IMAP simply because they do not want their email stored on the server, for privacy reasons.
Employee Replied
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Webio, we have successfully tested POP3 against a Samsung S9 device with the built-in mail app and Gmail mail app.  This was with the latest build 7417. Messages arrived in the inbox as expected.  Can you provide your POP3 logs, especially for your issue where newer messages didn't sync over?

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