ClamAV usual memory usage
Question asked by Ben - 4/21/2020 at 7:01 AM
What are people getting as average memory usage for ClamAV?

I've got it running at 900MB on a server with only 30 active accounts on it - that seems pretty high (Smartermail itself is only using up 500MB).

If I restart the process, it simply climbs back up to that amount again. On a 4GB server, as you can imagine, that's a bit of an issue..!

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Ben Replied
Can anyone chip in with the numbers they are seeing, so at least I have something to compare with..? 
echoDreamz Replied
This is completely normal for ClamAV... our anti-spam gateways run around 2GB for the ClamD process.

We also run a dedicated ClamAV host for our webservers for users to run scans of their site files against, it regularly hits 2/3GB. It will also consume more memory the more databases you add into it.
Ben Replied
Thank you :)
Linda Pagillo Replied
I concur with Echo. On all of our servers, it is running around 950MB.
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