ClamAV usual memory usage
Question asked by Ben - 4/21/2020 at 7:01 AM
What are people getting as average memory usage for ClamAV?

I've got it running at 900MB on a server with only 30 active accounts on it - that seems pretty high (Smartermail itself is only using up 500MB).

If I restart the process, it simply climbs back up to that amount again. On a 4GB server, as you can imagine, that's a bit of an issue..!

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Ben Replied
Can anyone chip in with the numbers they are seeing, so at least I have something to compare with..? 
echoDreamz Replied
This is completely normal for ClamAV... our anti-spam gateways run around 2GB for the ClamD process.

We also run a dedicated ClamAV host for our webservers for users to run scans of their site files against, it regularly hits 2/3GB. It will also consume more memory the more databases you add into it.
Ben Replied
Thank you :)
Linda Pagillo Replied
I concur with Echo. On all of our servers, it is running around 950MB.
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Andreas Wirén Replied
Around 1,2GB clamd usage here as well, not sure when this increased but we noticed it when doing CPU usage troubleshooting as well. Nothing resolved with 7642 so I am guessing it might be normal usage?

16GB of total RAM.
Matt Petty Replied
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ClamAV I believe loads all the signatures into memory. different sizes could be different configurations or if they do a large signature update in a database. We have no control over the memory of the ClamAV binaries. Some users users have mentioned adding securite to their clamav, this could be why it's larger as well. I haven't notice the memory usage fluctuating too much after its loaded the signatures.
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