Imap emails not uploading to smartermail
Problem reported by Antony Weaver - 4/6/2020 at 9:03 AM
So we switched a bunch of customers over from cpanel imap email to smarter mail. Made the dns changes, then added the new account (Same email address) in outlook, then moved the old imap account emails into the new smartermail account inbox, sent, etc in Outlook. On some accounts,the emails show up in the new account on the outlook client, but when you go into their webmail, it only shows the new emails that came in, and not the ones copied in from imap. On other accounts, the imap account will show up in the webmail, but the date will show as the date I copied them, not the date they were sent. I understand this may be an issue with imap accounts, but is there a work around for this? 

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Alex Clarke Replied
What version of SM are you running?

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